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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

What To Do After A Michigan Motorcycle Accident

Generally the same as after a Michigan car accident, but there are some important exceptions.

Call the police – always – a written report of the motorcycle accident is important when making a claim

  • Be careful what you say to other people at the scene
  • Give the police officer as much information as possible
  • Be sure to get the report number; get a copy of the police report as soon as possible

Seek Medical Attention For Your Michigan Motorcycle Accident Injuries

If you are injured, seek immediate medical attention

  • Generally, due to the nature of motorcycles, injuries are more severe in a motorcycle accident
  • Even injuries that seem minor at the time can turn out to be serious or life threatening
  • Be sure to tell paramedics or doctors about all of your injuries, no matter how minor they may seem

Get As Much Information As Possible After Your Motorcycle Accident

If you are able, get as much information as possible; if you cannot, make sure a companion, witness, or the police officer does this

  • Time, date, location
  • The license plate number of the vehicle. This is especially important in a hit-and-run accident, because you must prove that a motor vehicle was involved in the accident
  • Name, driver’s license, and insurance information of the driver of the vehicle
  • Name, address, and insurance information of the owner of the vehicle. This is more important after a motorcycle accident because first-party benefits are paid by the owner/driver’s insurance company, instead of your own, after most motorcycle accidents
  • Take photographs of the scene, the vehicles involved, and any injuries.  Using your cell phone is fine.

Tips For Reporting Your Michigan Motorcycle Accident

Report the Michigan motorcycle accident to your insurance company and be sure to tell them about all of your injuries, even if they seem minor at the time.

  • Be careful what you do say to your insurance company about your injuries and activities after the accident.

Don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company if they contact you.

Contact an attorney that is skilled in Michigan motorcycle accident claims.

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