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Michigan Wrong-Way Driving Accidents

Watch any action movie and you’re bound to see a high-speed car chase. In fact, you’ll nearly always see a nail-biting wrong-way driving sequence. Although these films are far from detailing real life, the havoc caused by wrong-way driving is, unfortunately, not just found on the big screen.

In Michigan, vehicle accidents caused by wrong-way driving cause serious injury and take lives. The Mike Morse Law Firm can help you make sense of these traumatic crashes and ensure your legal concerns are handled thoroughly and with great care.

Michigan Wrong-Way Driving Accidents Result In Serious Injury

By the numbers alone, it is easy to see that wrong-way driving incidents can be catastrophic to those involved. On one hand, national figures show that a very small percentage of total roadway auto accidents are related to wrong-way driving: somewhere around 2 percent. However, after inspecting the harm caused by wrong-way driving auto accidents, the numbers jump up dramatically: a huge percentage of them cause serious or life-threatening injury. The severity of these types of crashes simply cannot be overlooked.

In some situations, the driver who begins careening the wrong way down a Michigan roadway will manage to turn around and leave the scene – and other motorists, passengers and pedestrians – wholly unscathed. But many Michigan drivers, for reasons sometimes unknown, continue straight into the path of oncoming traffic.

The Major Cause Of Michigan Wrong-Way Driving Accidents

What is not a mystery is that many Michigan wrong-way driving accidents occur because of driving while intoxicated or impaired. Additionally, high volumes of these accidents – over 50 percent – take place because a motorist has headed the wrong-way on an exit ramp. Last, it is very common for wrong-way driving, under all of the conditions described, to take place in the dark of the early morning hours.

Other Causes Of Michigan Wrong-Way Driving Accidents

Less apparent causes of wrong-way driving accidents in Michigan are poor or improper roadway design, insufficient lighting, inadequate signage or other conditions that make a roadway difficult to navigate. The Mike Morse Law Firm will assess the circumstances surrounding the wrong-way driving accident you were involved in and make sure your case is addressed from all angles.

Intentional or deliberate, Michigan wrong-way driving cases can result in significant compensation, including repayment for the following areas:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages, and more

Our Michigan Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help

Our Michigan car accident attorneys are here to assist you in collecting benefits and compensation that are rightfully yours. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Michigan motor vehicle accident resulting from wrong-way driving, The Mike Morse Law Firm can help.

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