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Common Michigan Road Hazards

Michigan roads, like roads all over the country and beyond, are full of hazards. Listing every danger is an impossible task, and the act of simply calling to mind a few is enough to make most motorists wary about getting behind the wheel. However, being aware of potential dangers is exactly what can make the greatest difference in avoiding a Michigan auto accident – or escaping one unscathed. The attorneys of The Mike Morse Law Firm can assess which Michigan road hazards played a part in your car accident and make sure you receive the legal outcome you deserve.

An adept driver must always be assessing the contours, conditions, and characteristics of the roadway and surrounding environment. Here are some of the common road hazards that cause Michigan auto accidents:

Weather – Snow, sleet, ice, dust, wind, fog and other forms of inclement weather can limit visibility, decrease traction, and hamper reaction time.

Surface – Cracks, crumbling asphalt, oily residue and other deficiencies in the surface of a roadway can affect driving and contribute to crashes.

Guardrails – When absent or unstable, guardrails may contribute to an unsafe environment.

Roadway Design – Improperly constructed or poorly routed streets and highways create hazards for motorists.

Lighting – Was the area bright enough to traverse safety? If not, lack and lighting or a lighting outage may be to blame.

Speed of Travel – Use of excessive speed has the potential to affect the driver, but also the passengers, pedestrians, pets and objects in the vicinity. Certain area are prone to speeding drivers, while other areas catch motorists unaware with higher or lower speeds than expected.

Falling/Loose Objects – From natural elements like rocks and branches to manmade substances like gravel and equipment, debris and objects on or falling onto Michigan roadways causes many accidents each year. With Michigan seemingly always under construction, the likelihood is high that work-related supplies such as tools, cones, signs, and materials can be found nearby busy roadways. In addition, anything from cigarettes to furniture can fly onto the roadway from another vehicle, an overpass, or another source, leaving an individual little time to prepare or react.

If you are a loved one has been involved in a Michigan auto accident resulting from a Michigan road hazard, The Mike Morse Law Firm can get you the results you you’re looking for.

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