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Michigan Highway Smarts: Changing Lanes & Merging with Traffic

Michigan law requires drivers to use a turn signal whenever they are turning. This much most Michigan drivers know. However, to avoid Michigan auto accidents Michigan drivers must also, by law, use turn signals when changing lanes on a highway.

Michigan Highway Traffic Laws

Another greatly ignored Michigan law deals with cars entering Michigan highways and attempting to merge with traffic.  MCL 257.649(7) states, “A driver entering a roadway from a roadway that is intended for and constructed as a merging roadway, and is plainly marked at the intersection with the appropriate merge signs, shall yield the right-of-way to traffic upon the roadway that is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard and shall adjust their speed to enable them to merge safely with through traffic.

To avoid Michigan car accidents and adhere to state law, drivers attempting to merge with highway traffic must give the highway traffic the right of way. Additionally, highway traffic cannot speed up or slow down to intentionally block another driver from merging with traffic.

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