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Avoiding A Car Accident When Turning at Michigan Red Lights

Michigan drivers are primed to watch out for lighted traffic signals and arrows, especially at intersections. Worded signs, however, are typically not as eye-catching. Such is the case with “No Turn On Red” signs. Unfortunately, these signs are posted for good reason, and Michigan drivers failing to take notice can risk car accidents and injury, to themselves and others.

Completing Right Turns At Michigan Red Traffic Lights

Every Michigan driver can avoid Michigan car accidents by knowing the basics about Michigan red lights and turns. When it comes to Michigan red lights and right turns, unless prohibited, a right turn on a steady red signal may be made from a one-way or two-way street onto a two-way street or a one-way street carrying traffic in the direction of the right turn. The key here is for Michigan drivers to specifically look for a sign prohibiting a turn when at an intersection.

Completing Left Turns At Michigan Red Traffic Signals

Completing left turns at red lights also requires a keen eye, as Michigan law says that drivers can turn left during red lights only under certain conditions. On a steady red signal, Michigan drivers positioned in the left-turn lane of a one-way or two-way street can turn left ONLY if turning onto one-way street carrying traffic in the direction of the left turn and it is safe to proceed. Without such conditions, a car accident will likely ensue.

Michigan Red Traffic Light Law

Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 257.612 (1)(c)(ii) states in part, “Vehicular traffic facing a steady red signal, after stopping before entering the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection or at a limit line when marked or, if there is no crosswalk or limit line, before entering the intersection, may make…a left turn from a 1-way or 2-way street into a 1-way roadway carrying traffic in the direction of the left turn unless prohibited by sign, signal, marking, light, or other traffic control device.

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