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Michigan Safe Summer Driving Tips

Michigan drivers face many challenges in the winter months. The potential for Michigan car accidents – and the resulting emotional, physical, and legal consequences – is great. Unfortunately, because winter in Michigan is so daunting, driving with caution during the summer in Michigan is often overlooked.

The fact is this: more people are outside and on Michigan roads in the summer than any other time of the year. There is no ice, sleet, snow, or hail, but there is drinking, bright sun, high temperatures, long trips, heavy loads, and distraction aplenty. Keep these important aspects of summer driving in mind:

Slow Down – Driving the legal speed limit is undoubtedly the safest was to travel. In addition, as speed increases, so does wallet-sapping wind resistance. Drivers lose around 15% fuel economy with every 10-mile rise in speed.

Sleep Tight – Getting plenty of rest before a ride is the best way to stay focused while driving. Allow stops and breaks to recharge, and share driving duties, if possible.

Don’t Drink & Drive – Never get into a car with a driver that has been drinking. Select a designated driver for every car ride and avoid becoming one of the more than 30 U.S. car crashes that occurs each day.

Buckle Up – In Michigan vehicles, every passenger as well as the driver must wear a seatbelt for safety. These lifesaving devices stop people from being ejected or crushed in auto accidents every day.

Avoid Distractions – From talking to texting, chatting with passengers to fast-forwarding music, distractions that take the driver’s focus off the road can have serious consequences. Make sure you are ready to drive, and only drive, before getting behind the wheel.

Take These Steps To Prevent Michigan Car Crashes and Injuries

Taking a few simple pre-trip steps can stave off Michigan car crashes and prevent serious accident injuries. Consult your vehicle manual or a service professional for thorough assistance with these tasks:

Maximize Mileage – Minimize stops, stalls, and being stranded on lengthy road trips by filling your tank before you hit the highway. A full gas tank makes the most of your time in transit and prevents unnecessary, potentially hazardous interruptions.

Expect the Unexpected – Equip your vehicle with a well-stocked emergency kit, should trouble arise. Consider these supplies: mobile phone, first-aid kit, water, food, medication, maps, flashlight, flares and white flag, jumper cables, tire jack and ground mat, work gloves, extra clothes, tools, duct tape, towel/rag, and windshield washer fluid.

Ready Your Ride – The stability and reliability of your vehicle can make all the difference navigating Michigan roadways this summer. Don’t forget to check your tires, lights, air conditioning, belts and hoses, wiper blades, and fluid levels before hitting the road.

Watch Out – People, motorcycles, bikes, cars, trucks, transit vehicles, and several more must share the road during Michigan summers. Be vigilant of unprotected pedestrians and smaller vehicles in your midst, especially at intersections.

Pay Extra Attention to Children

Car Seats — If kids are in tow, make sure car seats and booster seats are right-sized, properly placed, and correctly installed.

Unattended Vehicles — Children should never, ever be left unattended in a car. In the summer, hyperthermia, commonly called “heat stroke,” may result and can lead to death. Lock vehicles and stash keys when to prevent children from entering unobserved.

Be Watchful — Summertime is known for children running, playing, biking, and scooting around neighborhoods, parking lots, and campgrounds without a moment’s notice. Check the perimeter of your vehicle and pay special notice to blind spots before forwarding or reversing. The larger the vehicle, the greater the chance for undetected children in your pathway.

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