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Collisions at Michigan Intersections

Each year, up to half of all accidents in the United States occur in the intersection. In Michigan alone in one year, 84,300 intersectional crashes took place. These crashes take many different forms and can impact not only other drivers, but pedestrians as well. If you have been affected by a car accident at a Michigan intersection, the experts of The Mike Morse Law Firm can help you reach a favorable legal resolution.

Without a doubt, Michigan is home to a variety of intersection types, each one slightly different than the next. They are found in urban, rural, and residential areas. They may be busy or barely traveled. They may bear traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, or no signs at all. Still, every Michigan intersection has the potential for accidents.

At the least dangerous intersections in Michigan, signs, signals, and regulations are very clear. These intersections make a driver’s choices fairly minimal. At other intersections, though, signs, signals and regulations may be confusing, obscured, or entirely absent. As a result, drivers’ options are several. In these instances, drivers must tap their driving knowledge and exercise their good judgment. In other words, there is much that can go wrong. Even in the most capable of drivers, mistakes can be made.

The state’s infamous left-hand turns, “Michigan Lefts,” complicate drivers’ choices even more. In these situations, a driver first turns right to turn left. Safe passage requires being in the proper lane prior to turning. One’s safety is also dependent on other drivers, pedestrians, pets, and more doing what they should be doing. Far too often, this is just not the case.

Traffic circles, also called “roundabouts,” are becoming more prevalent on Michigan roadways, and statistics show they are indeed effective in reducing intersectional collisions. However, these too require a degree of understanding to maneuver around safely.

Despite the wide array of possible scenarios, the driver must always yield the right away at these times:

  • When turning left
  • A yield sign is present
  • A pedestrian is using a crosswalk
  • A person is using a guide dog or white cane
  • A vehicle is already in an uncontrolled intersection
  • A vehicle is traversing the through road of a T intersection
  • When driving on unpaved road that intersects paved road
  • When returning to the roadway after having been parked

With so many variables at work, an attorney skilled in gathering facts and making sense of crash scenes can greatly improve a victim’s chance of receiving proper compensation. The legal team of The Mike Morse Law Firm can assess intersectional collisions with the accuracy and attention you require.

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