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It is a misdemeanor to drive in the state of Michigan without automotive insurance. However, just because someone has insurance doesn’t mean that their coverage will be enough to pay for your pain and suffering if they cause you or a family member to be injured in an accident.

What is Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

Underinsured Motorist Coverage is an option you may choose to purchase in addition to your regular collision and/or comprehensive automotive insurance policy. It helps fill in the financial gaps when you are a victim in an accident. Claims can be made against your underinsured motorist coverage when you’ve been in an accident and the driver at fault didn’t have enough insurance to cover your injuries.

For instance, if you were involved in a Michigan car accident where the negligent driver only had $20,000 in coverage, and you suffered injuries worth $50,000 you could recover $20,000 from the negligent driver then you could receive additional compensation from your own insurance policy if you have underinsurance coverage.

What If I Was Underinsured at the Time of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Accident?

When you have vehicle insurance and you are responsible for causing the accident, your bodily injury coverage for the victim will pay for the injuries that you are legally liable for. Your property damage coverage will pay for damages to your own property. In both cases, however, the payouts will only go up to the limits you selected at the time you bought the policy. If the victim’s injuries are extensive and exceed your policy limits, they may choose to seek the remainder from their own underinsured motorist coverage policy, if they have one.

How Much Does Michigan Underinsured Motorist Coverage Cost?

The cost of an underinsured motorist provision will vary depending on the insurance company and on the limit specifics you choose for your individual insurance policy. This coverage is usually sold in conjunction with uninsured motorist coverage. It is imperative that you read and understand your policy before you are involved in an accident. These types of policy additions often have limited post-accident notification time periods that must be followed if you have any chance of acquiring compensation through a claim. If you need help understanding your rights and responsibilities, please call The Mike Morse Law Firm.

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