Michigan No Fault Benefits For Wage Loss

What Are Michigan No Fault Benefits For Lost Wages?

Michigan no fault work loss benefits are payable to an injured person for three years following an accident, covering 85% of the gross lost wages. The maximum benefit is raised each year. The No Fault insurance company will reimburse wage loss up to the monthly statutory maximum for 3 years after the accident. For 2017, the monthly maximum is $5452.00. A doctor’s disability slip and proof that you were earning a wage are required. If you were looking for work or were temporarily unemployed at the time of an accident, you will still be able to receive benefits. If your earnings exceed the statutory maximum, then additional wages lost can usually be collected from the negligent driver’s automobile insurer.

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If I’m in a Michigan accident and can’t work, what wage-loss benefits am I entitled to receive?

You are entitled to have the motor vehicle insurance carrier pay 85 percent of the gross wages lost due to the accident.

Your inability to work must be due to your injury. This is not a lifetime benefit. It ends three years from the date the accident occurred, regardless of whether or not you’re permanently or totally disabled.

Can I qualify for wage-loss benefits if I was unemployed at the time of a Michigan accident?

Yes, if you can establish that you were only temporarily unemployed you could be eligible to qualify for wage-loss benefits in Michigan.

What about promotions and raises I may have missed? Can I still qualify to get them with Michigan no fault wage loss benefits?

You may be entitled to additional wages for any raise you would have received, or any promotion you would have gained while you were unable to work.

Is there a limit to how much I can receive with Michigan No Fault Wage Loss Benefits?

Yes, there is a ceiling on no fault wage loss benefits in Michigan and the insurance carrier is entitled to set off some wage loss benefits received from other sources.

What if my personal injuries require an extended time away from work?

If your disability goes beyond three years or your loss exceeds the ceiling of your benefits, you may be entitled to be compensated from the parties responsible for causing your injury.

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