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Michigan Car Accident Vehicle Damage Claims

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How can I get my auto insurance company to pay the fair amount to repair or replace my vehicle?

The vast majority of insurance policies state that any dispute concerning the amount of payment must be resolved by arbitration. The procedures for doing so are outlined in the actual insurance policy.

How To Win Or Avoid Arbitration

To win arbitration or to avoid it, you must research the actual facts you intend on presenting. To simply state “my vehicle is worth $15,000 because that’s what I paid for it” would not hold merit. You must obtain and present written estimates for the current value of the vehicle and estimates of the damage caused to it from the auto or motorcycle accident.

Get estimates from several sources that support your position. If you can provide your insurance company with this information it is possible to receive a higher settlement without arbitration. Remember, it costs the insurance company money to arbitrate the claim. Everything is negotiable.

The Mini-Tort Rule In Michigan

Another important note: In Michigan, the mini-tort rule states that the most you can recover from the person at fault for damage done to your vehicle is $1000. This is reimbursement for your deductible and has a $1,000 cap.

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