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  • Five Girls. One Mission: Diapers for the D

Five Girls. One Mission: Diapers for the D

Five Girls. One Mission: Diapers for the D

Diapers for the D collected and distributed 55,000 diapers to Detroit families in 2015. This year, they’re striving for 100,000, and we’re helping to make it happen.

When five high-school girls started volunteering at the Development Centers of Detroit, they expected to help people with serious day-to-day challenges including: housing, food, and jobs. But they found that in addition to those concerns, there was another fundamental need: diapers.

On average, most babies go through eight to ten diapers a day, which costs roughly $80 a month. With 39 percent of Detroit families living below the poverty line, there are about 70,000 babies in Detroit whose families cannot afford the monthly cost of diapers. Concerned and determined to help, five local teenagers are now on a mission and the Mike Morse Law Firm is proud to lend our support.

What is Diapers for the D?

Diapers for the D was started in July 2015 as a one-time fundraiser to supply diapers to families in need. Through a partnership with the Detroit Police Department, Diapers for the D collected and distributed 55,000 diapers from September to December 2015. As a result of the success and positive impact of their efforts, the organizers made Diapers for the D an annual fundraiser. This is their second year.

The 2016 Challenge

This year, the organization has doubled its goal and is striving to collect 100,000 diapers over a two-week fundraiser, which officially begins Monday, September 26 and lasts through Monday, October 10. Smaller drives and financial donations will be collected through the end of October.

Our firm will serve as a diaper drop off location; we will have two boxes available to collect donations from the community. One will be in our employee break room, the other will be located just outside of our main entrance on the seventh floor. Please feel free to bring donations during normal business hours.

Our address is:

Mike Morse Law Firm
24901 Northwestern Hwy #700 (7th Floor)
Southfield, Michigan 48075

As a family-first law firm, Diapers for the D has truly touched the hearts of our team. Wanting to collect as many diapers as possible, our entire firm is engaged in a light-hearted employee-team challenge. Diapers donated by the friends, families and colleagues of employees will go toward the count of their respective team. Of course diapers donated without a referral will still count, and will go toward the company’s overall total.

A message from Diapers for the D

“Our partners this year are critical to helping raising awareness about the diaper need and disparity, and are key to ensuring that babies in our community stay clean, dry and healthy,” said Pam Weaver, project liaison at the Development Center of Detroit for Diapers in the D. “Partnering with organizations throughout the Detroit community, like the Mike Morse Law Firm, will help us to reach more donors than the five of us could ever do on our own.”

How You Can Get Involved

Just drop off infant or toddler-sized disposable diapers in the box at our main entrance. For more information or to help with future fundraisers, visit: www.DiapersForTheD.com and “click to partner.”