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  • Top 10 Reasons To Help The Michigan Humane Society (And Keep Mike Morse Out Of The Doghouse)

Top 10 Reasons To Help The Michigan Humane Society (And Keep Mike Morse Out Of The Doghouse)

Top 10 Reasons To Help The Michigan Humane Society (And Keep Mike Morse Out Of The Doghouse)

Have you ever seen the commercial of a certain singer and pictures of adorable, helpless animals? It sure pulls on your heartstrings to donate money, right? Well, Mike Morse of the Mike Morse Law Firm is no singer – but he hopes that in his own way he will help bring attention to the plight of abused animals in the same manner.

Mike Morse recently put himself IN the doghouse, on purpose, to raise awareness about animal cruelty and help the Michigan Humane Society save animals. In support of the Michigan Humane Society’s 25th annual Bow Wow Brunch, Mike Morse raised more than $5,000!

Won’t YOU help him raise even more? It’s not too late to donate here! 

On average, it costs the Michigan Humane Society $156 to transform the life of an animal in need. Make your one-time donation today to support the Michigan Humane Society!

Top 10 reasons to help the Michigan Humane Society:

1. The Michigan Humane Society receives NO government funding and relies on the generous support of individuals and corporations to fund its services.

2. Every year, the Michigan Humane Society Cruelty Investigators respond to more than 5,000 animal cruelty calls in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park.

3. With your donations, the Michigan Humane Society is able to provide care for tens of thousands of animals in southeast Michigan each year.

4. The Michigan Humane Society isn’t affiliated with any national or local humane societies or other animal protection agencies and uses its own resources to help animals.

5. Donations help run three animal care centers in Detroit, Rochester Hills and Westland.

6. The Michigan Humane Society finds homes for thousands of animals and reunites more than 1,000 lost animals with their owners each year.

7. There’s a cruelty hotline that helps to provide emergency rescue 365 days a year for animals in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park.

8. More than 13,000 felines are spayed/neutered each year through low-cost sterilization to reduce overpopulation.

9. The Michigan Humane Society educates children on respect for animals, responsible animal care and safety around animals.

10. The Michigan Humane Society works to get more legislative protection for animals in Michigan.

Foster an Animal

You can also become one of the Michigan Humane Society’s “In-Home Heroes!” For information on becoming a short-term foster caregiver for an MHS animal who needs a little extra TLC please visit www.michiganhumane.org/foster.

Mike Wins

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