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To help you in your quest for answers, Michigan dog bite lawyer Mike Morse has compiled this list of helpful resources. Michigan dog bite links and resources are provided below. If you have further questions or need explanation, please contact us today.

Michigan Dog Bite Links

Ultimate Canine Solutions by Vladae
This site is a place to go to get many great articles on how to train your dog. With proper training, your dog will be better behaved and hopefully not bite another person.

Michigan’s Leash Law
This section of the Dog Law of 1919 provides that any dog over six months must be registered and wear a collar at all times. It also mandates that female dogs in heat must be kept on their owners’ premises or restrained on a leash. The overall leash requirement is less clear, stating that it is unlawful for an owner to allow a dog “to stray unless held properly in leash.” This does appear to mandate a statewide leash requirement for dogs, however.

National Dog Bite Statistics from the CDC
In 1994, the most recent year for which published data are available, an estimated 4.7 million dog bites occurred in the United States, and approximately 799,700 persons required medical care.

How To Avoid A Dog Bite Free
How do you avoid getting bit by a dog? Tips from the Humane Society of the United States on preventing dog bite injuries. Read their suggestions regarding how you can stay safe around other canines.

Richard Polsky, Ph.D., CAAB – Dog Behavior Specialist
Animal behavior expert witness Dr. Polsky assists attorneys in developing behavioral arguments, regarding dog bites & cat bites, prepares declarations & reports, and renders animal behavior expert testimony.

Ron Berman – Dog Bite Expert
Ron Berman, D.A.B.F.E. is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the evaluation, investigation and litigation of legal cases due to canine aggression and pet related injuries in the United States.

US Insurance Agents – Homeowners Insurance For Dog Owners
Information on dog ownership and insurance, mitigating risk, and obtaining homeowners insurance, especially for blacklisted breeds.

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